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As you may know by now, I am Lara Roxx, the girl who’s brilliant career was took, well ultimately by me, Pascale. I acted out of vengeance and hate, and from that, well I caught hiv. An acronym I cannot bring myself to capitalize, unless it’s for an actual publication.

Your opinion of me had so much impact on me, for so much time, then a little less and a little less until, today, at 35 idgaf what anyone at all, not even god, thinks of Me. My opinion of Myself is The ONLY One that matters. Hey, wanna Know what I think that Fool who got pinned to a cross was saying? Hey, ever stop and think if Our Souls were All Babies, then wasn’t Jesus just a Smart Baby? You Are Your Own god, fuck capitalizing god and i. it’s selfish and little, it creates jealousy and hate. let’s capitalize the You let’s rewrite grammar because it’s broken. in a conversation You has way more importance than i. In a conversation with a bunch of toddlers that hate each other because they hate themselves, You have to stop. and observe, that the problem Is grammar. the problem is the rules we give ourselves who wrote the rules? they? well who the fuck is little they? You tell Me that because it’s ancient, it’s the way? well My Logic says the Complete opposite. We are We and We Need every pair of Hands Helping this Is Your World The One And Only. Let’s fuckn make a World in Peace with Love this time, how do You Teach People to Love Eachother You may ask, You Teach Them How To Love Themselves. I had to Teach Myself because My Mother didn’t show Me, She couldn’t, because She wasn’t taught. I understand that some of You were lucky enough to have Mothers who understood their Worth. I Love You Mom! I NEED  to rewrite grammar for You.

The point is most people hate themselves and it’s not fair to ask them who hurt them, it was nothing in particular, it IS A Lack Of SelfLove Education. if You See were this is going I Need You On my Team. Let’s stop with that thing we do, jealousy. Love Yourself, You won’t get to Be someone, You don’t get to Be someone else. Why capitalize hate, hate is ugly and little and made me catch hiv. You stop lying to Yourself You can only Be You. Sometimes I wonder if “you people” are just evil, but you just need to LOVE Yourself before anyone else. So how are you being of service by capitalizing god, who exactly are You helping by putting him Between YOU and You. Join Me or get buried in my tracks, this is My 🌎 2 , you have no right to judge me. when in doubt, Remember this I am Pascale Andrée Abitbol and the only secrets I Keep Are Yours.


P., a Poet , an Artist You painted as a crazy stupid whore

“he is Not In You he Is You. but only to You. As We are All individuals,  unique diverse and beautiful.  I see Your True colors World and that’s why I Love You.”

You are still saying I am doing this for money, well even Jesus needed money, I am not Jesus and I won’t turn the other cheek.  I am a fighter first out of SelfPreservation but I see You I see Your True Nature, Humanity, and trust me We are Beautiful. “The problem with me is I am not broken. I am changing the world touching one soul at a time.” P.

“You Are All You Need to Be Happy and Happy is all You need to Be. if One of Us is them We can’t have Peace”

Thanks to Everyone and Everything Leading Me Up to this ❤️💯

Mission and legacy

Changing the reasons We use capitals…

We have been using capitals wrong, capitalizing God and I but not the other forms of Selves this has had an integral impact on the root cause of the self-hatred and self-loathing We have created through grammar. We have to change it and capitalize every sense of Self. We gave more importance to one more than the other for too long. me, you, us god or Me You Us God. why do we add any sort of importance to the first word of a phrase, if the word is hateful? We have no more space for inequality. This is where change begins.

SelfLove =Love =Peace= One World

Our world demands a change now! Ultimately, hate is not made better by more hatred. We Fight with Love 💕 Earth was a heavenly place, then we ruined it with hate, jealousy, miscommunication, and war. More hate, more hate, more hate. Stop! We need to teach Kids in schools to Be their true Selves, They can then teach their Parents. One day teach their own Kids, Kids will learn in schools across borders, the first generation teaching the second always bettering Our species the Human Race, by being individuals ALL of Us. Earth, this planet, was once a Paradise, before jealousy and hatred ruined it. We need to put emphasis on HAPPINESS. Happy Human is a Healthy Productive human. The only answer is free education. Let’s work together towards the solution. Everyone Is Valid and We now have the technology to understand the root cause of the problem. We now have the technology, We now have the solution. We are not taught to Love Us, why is You “you” in every language? You are told to love Yourself, but you were not taught how. Our Fight is spreading the solution to the root cause of all the problems in Our society. We aren’t taught self-acceptance to love our every quality and every imperfection, strength and weaknesses. We need to teach it. 35 years and 9 months to understand and accept MySelf. Some People will never achieve self-acceptance. Ultimately, I need My Niece and My unborn Nephew and every Kid in the Whole World to be taught Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect, and Self-Worth from the youngest age, and that starts with the school system. I am no more no less important than any other living thing, for Our World now We Are Not broken, We are damaged and We need to fix Ourselves so Everyone can start the rebuilding of the world as One for One. Love can be taught. We won’t be One World if a single soul remains “they”. If it’s Us against Them, we have already lost. One voice cannot be One if a single soul remains “them”. We don’t stop till We get Everyone to Love Themselves. We need You to Be Our Strength. Strength is in numbers, when in doubt We need You by Our side to remind Us the goal . Let’s get all religious Leaders, World Leaders on board, let’s get Bono to see the vision (RED),   allow Them to see:  hate-free world  = aids free world and I need You to Know You Are not broken, this World is AND TOGETHER WE ARE BRINGING LOVE BACK! We, I understand the work will and must continue long after Us. I am strong enough to Lead the revolution, but I cannot carry it all on My own.

Spread Love❤️💋💯💕 not war 

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“I Love You I Need You to Love YourSelf You Are Worth Knowing, Know YourSelf 💕💋”

no Love no Peace

Do not dare tell Me to Dream small. My Life, My Legacy.

We can teach Donald J Trump to love his Little Hands, Because Donald they Are The Only little Ones You Will Ever have.

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