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Joshwah LeShrimp: a short short story (Vengeance Fictions Book 1 (2018) 1.70$ of every sell goes to Our film

Pascale’s written introduction to the first film. (2010) English | Français

Pascale A Abitbol original, produced by Doug Moore Productions.

A brief history of Pascale in her own words (2018)

Custom designs by Pascale. A portion of all items purchased go to the film. Button purchases donate $6, Sweater purchases donate $3, and T-shirt purchases donate $2.

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Pascale recently was a guest on The Naked Truth Podcast. Follow the link to hear the interview. (2018)

Trailer to Mia Donovan’s powerful film Inside Lara Roxx (2011).

Pascale as Lara discussing the changes in her life since the first film’s release (2012)

Pascale and Mia talk about the film and its influence on the adult film industry as part of a lead up to Concordia University’s Community Lecture Series screening of Inside Lara Roxx (2013)

A review of the first film (2012)

En français souplait! (2011) (Ben oui, lol c’était le rêve… twit)

Tout le monde en parle-Lara Roxx et Mia Donovan #TLMEP (2013)

Lara Roxx sur wikipedia (2018)