Well I think that camera was a scam n other news

So when it was time to meet up I suggested that we meet somewhere I can test it out, that’s when things started being bizarre.. he couldn’t find the charger, lol. I tell him, it’s fine I got all the cords, and he won’t sell it to me without the cord, come on! fo real? So I looked on best buys website and found this years model (just the camera) for 300$ so I went for it! 310 and some cents the exact number should be somewhere on this site. (david?)
All in all I am getting a camera sometimes this week and I am really excited about it!
So I spoke to Sarah, my friend and I am still not sure everywhere her name will be in the credits,I know is she is really important to the making of this film.
So this is the situation, Sarah, for a reason she will tell you if she wants CANNOT BE ON CAMERA FOR an other 3 weeks. Though it frankly seems like a fucking eternity I have time to die six times in, I have no doubt that waiting is the right thing to do.
Though, I will have my camera and probably shoot myself, Bree the cat, and everything and everyone I will see in the upcoming weeks to the official first video of the campaign!!!!! YAS.
This film to me is not more important than life IT IS life, it is my life, I need to start living. 🙂 thanks for subscribing . Pascale xox


Today in movie news

Hey Guys! I want to thank you guys for your overwhelming support for this project! I wanted to let you know, you enabled me to buy  this little cutie right there, that will allow me to capture images! Turns out you sort of need images for a movie :p 180 that I am dividing as such : 80 out of pocket and the 100$ that was donated but didn’t make it to the movie fund by (80) Davina “Diverse Stacey” Ward if you don’t know who Stacey is and you like pretty redheads then YOUSAFOOL. I want to thank you for all your encouragement on Periscope today, they really do mean allot. I was contacted by my “Adam” the first man to break this eve today… He truly is one of the greatest salesman I have ever met and I hope to get him to join the crew. I want to call this film crew “the highly intelligent raised right people crew” but since that is an extremely long title, you guys can always help brain storm on the comment page also please submit your illustrator files you would like to donate to this film’s fundraiser you can follow the link at the bottom of the mission page. If you would like to donate cash and be done please go to our Fundraiser Thanks for not quitting now we are just starting keep sharing! Sharing is caring and caring is free.

Check out the Patricia Bikini Shop!

You’ve got brains, you’ve got personality, and you’re fierce, but do you have the style to put them together? Fret no more, help is on the way. Our favorite fierce, smart, and hilarious friend Pascale has created several designs with those qualities in mind.

Check out the official Patricia Bikini Shop where all purchases will automatically donate a portion to film production. Button purchases donate $6, Sweater purchases donate $3, and T-shirt purcases donate $2. Show off your style, make a statement, and help a good cause. Buy today!

Film merchandise is coming soon, so be sure to check back often.

Welcome Sarah to the film!

One of the newest members of this project, Sarah, was attending university at Concordia when “Inside Lara Roxx” had a screening followed by a Q&A with Pascale (Lara) and Mia. The moment she met Pascale on screen is the moment Sarah decided unequivocally to pursue a career in filmmaking, despite her own fears and insecurities. If anything it is as much hers as it is Pascale’s. Welcome aboard, Sarah!

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