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You believe you’re a HAITRR too? You may be! It’s FREE HERE.

« Powerful images and slogans […] for cheap. […] we will give back to Life.» PAA+


Our services are for inclusivity only, we don’t offer services to divisive organizations or individuals. I guess I am not being inclusive of people, who, want me to assist them in creating divide. What a fucking hypocrite! Am I right?

Event | Party – planning – You have an original organization, you want to plan a party and can’t get help? Your kid is to LGBTQ for the party planner and he keeps putting his foot in his mouth? 

Advertising – You have an original product or project no one will promote no matter how much you offer them? You want to sensitize people to a cause you hold dear?

Branding | Brand Identity | Social Media Brand – All your ideas are gold but no one gets you?


Dr PAA+ Pascale Andrée “lara roxx” Abitbol, personally offers her services for

  • Hosting
  • Speaking engagements
  • Modelling
  • Writing 
  • 1 on 1 virtual Coaching- 500$/h
  • 50$ interview prior to being accepted 1/1
  • HAITRR University classes daily. Currently Live Streaming on Facebook as Pas Andy A… soon on HAITRR U Facebook Page And YouTube videos. for FREE

About P.A.A.

I have always been curious, always was told that was a good thing. We all have heard the phrase: to much is like to little.  You haven’t yet?  I suggest you look up this super retro pop band The Spice Girls, if nothing else, they will definitely tell you what they really really want. For those of you who have, maybe, like for me, it’s lost signification. In my youth it didn’t mean a thing until the Spice Girls broke it down for me. I was excessively everything, especially, especially curious. I needed the truth and would stop at nothing to get it, I didn’t understand why adult’s answers put me in the state it put me in, anger, rage, violent even at times. Today it as limpid as clear water, these good for nothing adults were insulting my intelligence by lying to me and dismissing me.

My father was definitely the exception in my day to day life, he would answer all my questions until either I had no more questions or he had no more answers.

I am telling you my personal story so you understand my personal motivation to bring this mission to completion.


Ignoring ignorance won’t make it disappear, but EDUCATION will.

I aim to educate individuals on their worth as individuals, understanding the path to true success begins within. 

In the #woke era we need to be just that, woke. Unfortunately self-awareness, self-respect, confidence and inclusivity are chimeric in our society today.

[…] Starting with the basics building up Education.

Contribute to building my vision.

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You really want to do something to contribute but already have everything in this life? Your trust fund is more than enough to live 500 years, you could always donate money. (Archived footage, Lawyer, Publicist, Reel)