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[NOTE: The film project is currently taking a brief pause while Pascale works on other important projects. She will resume work on the film as soon as she can.]

Remember 2004? Well Pascale, aka Patricia Bikini, remembers it all too well. April 2004 is the month she caught “Lara Roxx”. Fourteen years later, seven long years after the release of Mia Donovan’s “Inside Lara Roxx” she is still receiving fan mail from people who want to hug her through the screen. Today at 35 she has been known worldwide for her Periscopes as Patricia Bikini. Always known to her loved ones as Pascale, and to her clients as a graphic designer since 2013. She always knew she wanted to make movies, well ever since her daddy told her at age four she couldn’t be Madonna. In high-school, she always took the artistic options whether it was drama club, plastic arts, theater class, graphics, media communication; she was all over it.

Having been recently, and for a long time, through yet another emotional heartache, this time resulting in un-blackening the dried out black volcano lava rock that stood in place of her heart…she had to find a place of sanity. She had to dig deep within herself to find her roots and remembered herself, what she loved, the books she read, the music she listened to, the movies she watched, the karate lessons with her daddy. Her father, after showing her star wars, asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she asked what are those people called, pointing at the television. Dad asked, “actors?” -no the people who invented the world – screenwriter? Director? – yes that.

At 35 life has come full circle and she realizes she wasted a shitload of time proving her parents wrong, now it’s time to prove them right. At 35 she is making her first film “Who is Inside Lara Roxx” Because she wants to, because people worry about her, because she can and no one else, because she wants you to see her dad for the man that he is and not the man he wasn’t in Mia’s film. Above all she believes her family deserves an apology for being forced to catch “Lara Roxx” and being dragged into the publics, let’s be honest, not very thoughtful and extremely judgmental eye. She wants this film for her loved one and she admits, as a way of assassinating haters.

I want to personally thank you for your continuous support ever since mine and my family’s life was altered forever. I have a feeling this is the last time I will ever need to ask anyone for anything. I love you guys and thanks for your love and admiration, even at a time when it felt undeserved. Thanks for everything,
Pascale A Abitbol ❤️


  • My father
  • Mia Donovan
  • Patricia Petite (surprised TT?)
  • My mother
  • My sister
  • My retired first graphic teacher : Roger
  • Pascale aka PB aka LR

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